Princess Morbucks

Princess Morbucks is a spoiled rich girl who is an antagonist towards The Powerpuff Girls. She loves gold and is The Powerpuff Girls’ number 4 archenemy.


Princess Morbucks

Episode Stuck Up, Up, and Away


Princess Morbucks arrives at Pokey Oaks and begs to be a Powerpuff Girl. The girls refuse, but that doesn’t keep her from trying to help the girls to stop a bank robbery. Unfortunately, she messes up the whole thing which leads to the girls telling her she can’t be a Powerpuff Girl. Enraged and consumed by her sadness, she decides to destroy the girls.

Episode Summary

A new student named Princess Morbucks arrives at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Everyone treats her nicely but, she acts rude and stuck-up to her peers. Finally, she came upon Twiggy, a class hamster, and says she is ugly. After hearing the insult, the hamster runs so fast on her treadmill that the glass breaks up. The Powerpuff Girls save her and everyone cheers for their heroes. But, Princess is not cheering. She thinks about how nice it would be to become a Powerpuff Girl. She goes and begs the girls to be a new member. However, the girls laugh and refuse her offer, because Princess doesn’t have any super powers and they don’t want her to get hurt. This causes Princess to cry to her father. In order to get his daughter silenced, her father gives her a giant wad of cash.

One morning, when the Powerpuff Girls went away to save the people from the robbery in the bank, Princess follows them, but she only messes everything up, causing the robbers to escape, so Blossom tells her that what they are doing is very dangerous and that she doesn’t have any superpowers or any crime-fighting experience to become a Powerpuff girl. Naturally, Princess becomes very angry and runs off to her father and whines to him about the ordeal, and then blames him for not giving her enough money to buy her good gadgets. Her dad then give her a big silver briefcase and she becomes happy.

At the next day, Princess arrives at the school. She is angry at the Powerpuff Girls and gives a speech about how they humiliated her and turned everyone against her. Ms. Keane tells her that fighting isn’t allowed in the building. This causes her to blow up the school wall, attacking the girls in the process. Buttercup then rushes into battle, but is defeated. Bubbles then rushes, but is blasted by a powerful ray from Princess. Blossom then battles her and then effortlessly beat her with her sisters. She finally defeats Princess by using her ice breath. Princess, in tears, eventually asks them why they won’t let her be a Powerpuff Girl. Blossom tells her it’s because she’s just a spoiled brat. She continues by saying that being a Powerpuff Girl is not about getting one’s way, having the best stuff, being popular or being powerful, but about using one’s own unique abilities to help people and the world they all live in. Then she concludes that Princess has done nothing worthy of the name Powerpuff. Finally, Princess is then sent to jail and the episode ends.