Bubbles is the second of The Powerpuff Girls known as “The Joy and the Laughter.” Her signature color is sky blue and she is best known for her ditzy, playful, naive, and friendly nature.




Like the other girls, not much as changed to her personality. Unlike her original counterpart, Bubbles doesn’t cry as much, and is shown to be less sensitive and more mature. She is shown to be a ditz. She is also shown to be bright and naive like her original counterpart. However, she is also shown to be more aggressive then her original counterpart. (Examples: The Stayover, Horn Sweet Horn, Strong-Armed, and the short Run, Blossom, Run!.) But she is mostly the same as her original counterpart.



Her appearance differs from her original counterpart, as she has shorter pig tails and blue clips in her hair. Also unlike her original counterpart, she has visible hair bands for her hair bunches and lighter blue in her appearance. Also, her pigtails are placed on top of her head, instead of at the sides of her head. She wears a light blue dress with a horizontal black stripe along the middle, as well as black Mary Jane’s and white socks.